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Still The Truth (La verite)

The Truth

Henri-Georges Clouzot / FR, IT, 1960 / 130 min.

Brigitte Bardot delivers a masterful performance in this unjustly forgotten film by Clouzot. La vérité, which was restored a few years ago, now premieres in the Netherlands.

Poster The Truth (La verite)

Birgitte Bardot’s role of the young and impetuous Dominique Marceau is widely acclaimed as her best performance ever. Dominique’s rash break with her bourgeois background and a series of affairs with young Paris intellectuals ends with the charge of having killed Gilbert, a promising young conductor.

Was it a crime of passion, an act of desperation or simply an accident? Witness statements and the suspect’s account present an increasingly complex image of the relationship between Dominique and Gilbert.


The Oscar-nominated La vérité, known internationally as The Truth, delves into Dominique’s past and her struggle to find a foothold in the city. Clouzot (Le salaire de la peur, Les diaboliques) paints a perceptive portrait of an impulsive young woman who is misunderstood and mistreated by those around her. As such, La vérité levels harsh criticism against a hypocritical and moralistic society.

4K restoration by Sony Pictures Entertainment, in partnership with The Film Foundation and RT Features.

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Henri-Georges Clouzot

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Still The Truth (La verite)
Still The Truth (La verite)

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