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campain image Restored & Unseen
still from The Wandering Princess (Kinuyo Tanaka, JP 1960)


Restored & Unseen

Restored classics and rediscovered films

still from La noire de... (Ousmane Sembène)
still from La noire de... (Ousmane Sembène)

For Restored & Unseen, Eye draws on its own collection and on the international repertoire of restored prints from foreign archives and the festival circuit. Films for aficionados. Your chance to tick off from your list that quirky classic starring Michel Piccoli, relive an old personal favourite in a new guise or simply allow yourself to be surprised.

At last, a chance to see that Italian classic that’s been on the list for so long? Or relish that wonderful restoration of Blue Movie, the Netherlands’ most talked-about nude film of the seventies, when the Bijlmer district was still a sexual paradise? Restored & Unseen is a biweekly programme featuring classics and recent restorations, with introductions by experts.

still from The Trouble with Money (Max Ophüls, 1936)
still from The Trouble with Money (Max Ophüls, 1936)
poster Restored & Unseen


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