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The Valley of Hunted Men

That the border between the US and Mexico has always been porous is demonstrated by this western from the early years of the cinema. The sheriff hunting a gang of smugglers is nicknamed Buffalo Bill Jr. and not without a reason… With live accompaniment by Mark Tuinstra and his ensemble.

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“Buffalo Bill Jr.” is the nickname given to the hard-driven sheriff Tom Mallory. Having just joined the Arizona border police, he boasts it”ll only take him three days to bust a notorious gang of smugglers headed by “Frenchy” Durant. Mallory leaves for Mexico, manages to provoke the gang and delivers them straight into the hands of the law.

The Valley of the Hunted Men was the final episode of a 27-part silent western series by the Action Pictures film company and starred Jay Wilsey (“Buffalo Bill Jr.”) in the leading role. The film was mostly shot in the studio, but also contains stunning nature footage of Arizona and Mexico.

With live accompaniment by Mark Tuinstra (electric guitar), Natalio Sued (bass clarinet and guitar), Maarten Ornstein (bass clarinet and baritone guitar).


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