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still The Zone of Interest (Jonathan Glazer, US/GB/PL 2023)

The Zone of Interest

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Jonathan Glazer / US, GB, PL, 2023 / 105 min.

Jonathan Glazer’s loose adaptation of Martin Amis’ novel is a terrifying portrait of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his family, living alongside the extermination camp. As Höss’ wife Hedwig takes care of the household, muffled screams can be heard in the background. Five Oscar nominations.

poster The Zone of Interest (Jonathan Glazer, US/GB/PL 2023)

Concentration camp Auschwitz and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau: names that have become synonymous with the Holocaust. In his latest film, Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) doesn’t show the horrors of the Holocaust, but concentrates instead on the private life of SS camp commandant Rudolf Höss, his wife Hedwig and their children. The family enjoys wealth and success, while the camp inmates remain hidden.


Before the screening of The Zone of Interest, you will see the short film Audition from the Eye Short Film Pool. In this six-minute animated film by Udo Prinsen from 2011, a boy playing the trumpet auditions for the camp orchestra. He says goodbye to his father and walks to what appears to be an execution site. With music by Eric Vloeimans and Martin Fondse.

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Scenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains scenes of explicit discriminationPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult


Jonathan Glazer

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Original title

The Zone of Interest


105 min.


German, Polish, Yiddish





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still The Zone of Interest (Jonathan Glazer, US/GB/PL 2023)
still The Zone of Interest (Jonathan Glazer, US/GB/PL 2023)
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