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Til Madness Do Us Part

Wang Bing spent months in a semi-secure psychiatric institution in a provincial town in the south of China. To the patients, the hospital has become their home. Screened to accompany the exhibition around the EYE Art & Film Prize.

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The patients who are so affectionately followed by Wang Bing have been abandoned by their relatives and by society at large. According to Wang, freedom is an illusion in this hospital. Yet even when people are put behind bars, they still prove capable of creating a new world, without constraints on morality or behaviour.

The people we see in the film may be immigrant workers who collapsed in the workplace, or students who broke down under the stress of their entrance examination for university. Sometimes their relatives had them sectioned after a conflict, or simply because they had no wife or work to rely on and had reached an age where the family no longer wanted to support them. This hospital has become their refuge, and the patients have made it their home. In the dark night their bodies move like ghosts, looking for spiritual or physical love.

Filmmaker Wang Bing is the winner of the EYE Art & Film Prize, a prize awarded to artists whose work explores the interface of art and film.

The film is shown without an intermission.


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Hito Steyerl, Ben Rivers, Wang Bing - EYE Art & Film Prize

The intersection between film and visual art is an important focus of exhibition policy at Eye. To underline this, Eye and the Paddy and Joan Leigh Fermor Arts Fund launched an annual prize in 2015 to promote new work by an artist/filmmaker who is making an important contribution to this interdisciplinary field.

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