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still To the Moon (Tadhg O'Sullivan, IE 2020)

To the Moon

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Tadhg O'Sullivan / IE, 2020 / 76 min.

Full moon, half moon, waxing moon, waning moon. The cold celestial body fascinates us in all its manifestations. A fascination that is documented in To the Moon. 

poster To the Moon (Tadhg O'Sullivan, IE 2020)

Who has never looked at the moon? As long as people have been walking the earth, our closest companion in the sky has been feeding our imagination.

The moon has been presented as a source of love, death, dreams and birth. It has served as a utopia for our own dystopic planet. True or not, the moon has been held responsible for many things, from madness to infertility, from the tides to the mysterious migration of eels across the oceans.

To the Moon follows a full lunar cycle. The result is a collage of stories of love and songs of longing, myths, dreams and nightmares. The film is based on found footage in film archives, moon shots in films by renowned makers and film shots made by moonlight from over five continents.


Persons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adultScenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains foul language


Tadhg O'Sullivan

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To the Moon


76 min.


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Screened at prominent national and international festivals, yet never released in Dutch cinemas. Quite unjustly so, Eye Filmmuseum thinks, and so it has once again brought an exceptional selection of films from international festivals to the Netherlands.

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Why in Eye

Images of the moon, culled from a range of films from all over the world, including special material from Eye’s collection. The film premieres in the Netherlands only a few days away from the next full moon.

still To the Moon (Tadhg O'Sullivan, IE 2020)
still To the Moon (Tadhg O'Sullivan, IE 2020)

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