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Regen 2

Transnatural - In the Age of Post-Drought

An evening with Transnatural, an organisation dedicated to promoting artists and designers who work with new technologies and science. Global warming, pollution, rising sea levels: the earth is not well and we humans are accountable. This evening artists will be addressing the theme of water. The programme includes a film by Nicky Assmann and Joris Strijbos and performances by TeZ & Federico Murgia and Robertina Šebjanič.

Aquatic state transnatural


Aquatic State (TeZ & Federico Murgia, 20”, premiere)

Aquatic State is an experimental demonstration of the transitions of water. The artists TeZ and Federico Murgia create a real-time audio-visual experience in which hidden structures of water become visible. It is the same as metamorphosis, from abstract-geometric to living-organic.

Aquatocene: Performance & Workshop (Robertina Šebjanič, 20”)

Robertina Šebjanič investigates the impact of noise pollution on the underwater ecosystem of rivers, lakes and seas. Many fish species in Dutch waters appear to be very sensitive to noise; Šebjanič presents recordings that she made worldwide, but also in the IJ during the workshop on September 30. Previously, she also investigated noise pollution in the Wadden Sea around Vlieland.

On Monday September 30, the audience is welcome at Eye to take part in her workshop recording underwater pollution at the IJ- lake.

Time: 13.00 – 16.00h.

Max. amount of 10 persons, €25 p.p.

Participation via registration by sending an email to

compilation programme

Regen (Rain) (Joris Ivens, NL 1929, 15” silent short film)

Regen is an avant-garde classic from the 1920s with black and white images from a different perspective. A rain shower in Amsterdam; from the first drops in the canals to a curtain of falling water. It took Ivens almost two years to collect enough rain showers to edit the film.

Singing Glasses

Rogier Kappers, the Glass Grinder, collected hundreds of cognac-, wine-, beer-, champagne and port glasses, and built the only glass organ of the Netherlands. On his transport bike, he rambles around, showing up on street corners, village squares and festivals. There, he enchants his audiences with old and new songs – from Bach, Beatles and Brel - on the singing glasses. Tonight he plays a composition by Estonian componist Arvo Pärt, whose minimalistic compositions seem to be made for glass.

Liquid Solid (Nicky Assmann & Joris Strijbos, NL 2016, 7”)

Assman and Strijbos investigated what happens if you allow thin layers of liquid to freeze in the subarctic zone of Finland. At minus twenty celcius, colors fade gradually, ice crystals forming that grow into geometric figures and patterns. The artists accompany the film itself, on home-made instruments.

Careless Reef Part 4: Marsa Abu Galawa (Gerard Holthuis)In a visual exploration of the underwater world of the Red Sea, the film bombards the senses with vibrant images and features the music of the Egyptian performer Abdel Basset Hamouda. The structure or style is that of the “flicker films”, in which the subconscious impression that the audience derives is of equal significance to the actual images on offer.

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Eye on Art is a programme on the intersection between film and other arts. Eye on Art keeps up with current events, with presentations on contemporary artists and programmes that coincide with important exhibitions, manifestations and Eye activities.

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
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