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still from True Mothers (Naomi Kawase, JP 2020)

True Mothers

Naomi Kawase / JP, 2020 / 140 min.

It is the stuff of drama: a couple longs for a child but fails to conceive. Perhaps an adoption is the answer? Acclaimed Japanese director Naomi Kawase tells a tender human story about families, parenthood and hurt feelings.

poster True Mothers (Naomi Kawase, JP 2020)

Accompanying the VR experience Missing Pictures, in which Naomi Kawase talks about her never-made comedy, Eye shows some of her films.

A successful young couple in Tokyo is tormented because they are childless. Desperate, the two decide to adopt a little boy, Asato. True Mothers was selected for the Cannes Film Festival; Kawase based her story on a novel by the Japanese author Mizuki Tsujimura.

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Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adult


Naomi Kawase

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Asa ga Kuru


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Missing Pictures

For every film completed, dozens of potential films fall by the wayside and never make it onto the big screen. In the VR experience Missing Pictures, Abel Ferrara, Tsai Ming-liang, Catherine Hardwicke, Naomi Kawase, and Lee Myung-Se give us a guided tour of a story they were not able to tell.

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campaign image Xtended: Missing Pictures; still from Missing Pictures (Tsai Ming-Liang's The Seven-Story Building)
still from True Mothers (Naomi Kawase, JP 2020)
still from True Mothers (Naomi Kawase, JP 2020)
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