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Tussen broers - The Soho Chronicles

The South-African artist William Kentridge, currently the subject of an exhibition in EYE, will be present this evening to talk with his brother Matthew about the latter’s book The Soho Chronicles (2015). The two brothers will also be showing a selection from the animated series Drawings for Projection (1989-2011).

William Kentridge, History of the Main Complaint (1996)

What sort of welcome would the two protagonists of this series – the capitalist mining tycoon Soho Eckstein and the melancholy Felix Teitelbaum – receive from the Kentridges were they to turn up on their doorstep unannounced? Soho Eckstein and the melancholy artist Felix Teitelbaum are the main characters in the 10 Drawings for Projection series. What is their place in the desolate South-African landscape? What is their relationship with the Kentridge family?

The brothers are showing a selection from the Drawings for Projection series (William Kentridge, 1989-2011).

In the presence of William Kentridge

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William Kentridge

From 25 April till 30 August Eye presented If We Ever Get to Heaven, featuring work by the celebrated South African artist William Kentridge (Johannesburg, 1955).

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campaign image William Kentridge – If We Ever Get to Heaven
History of the main complaint 1996 2
William Kentridge, Monument (1990)
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