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Up to the Sky and much much more

Three films on recollections and forgotten memories concerning World War 2, with work by Henri Plaat, Karel Doing and Barbara Meter. Absurdism, personal memories and experiment come together in this programme, which examines the many ways in which memories of the Second World War can be visualized.


2nd War Hats Henri Plaat (NL 1984)In between war bombardments, models are showing the latest fashion in ladies” hats from a manhole in a tarmac road. One of the made-up faces peeping out of the manhole is that of the filmmaker himself.

Dark Matter Karel Doing (NL 2014)The filmmaker follows the trail of his father based on an archive of family portraits and landscape photographs and experiments with film emulsion against the backdrop of the Second World War. Images of industrial buildings, wooded areas and a surreal semi-desert pass by, alternated with abstract, fast-moving shots. Karel Doing made use of chemical, biochemical and mechanical techniques to create these animated images. The outcome is a fascinating tale, told by the film material itself.Dark Matter offers a mix of sensory experience and intellectual challenge; what precisely drove Doing”s father? Why did he travel to the ends of the earth and why did he record thousands of landscapes, but hardly took any photographs of his friends, relatives and colleagues?

Bis an den Himmel und noch viel mehr Barbara Meter (NL 2015)Barbara Meter tells the story of her father Leo Meter based on a series of poignant letters. Leo Meter wrote them to his daughter after he had been arrested by the Gestapo and deported to the East Front. Bis an den Himmel… is a magnificently produced and touching portrait of a unique man.


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