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Ventoux 36000347 st 10 s high


Nicole van Kilsdonk / NL, BE, 2015 / 100 min.

Four men, old friends, decide to tackle the Mont Ventoux on their racing bikes, just like they did 30 years before. Meanwhile they do what men do so well: being dead serious one moment and completely silly and over the top the next. But then their old girlfriend, the gorgeous Laura, shows up, bringing with her ‘ghosts’ from the past.

Ventoux 36000347 ps 1 s high

Their friendship weathers the ensuing storm and proves to be a friendship for life because of their shared past in this film which offers a resonating mix of humour and nostalgia. The film was directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk and is based on the bestseller of the same name by Dutch writer and journalist Bert Wagendorp. The cast includes Wilfried de Jong, Kasper van Kooten, Leopold Witte, Wim Opbrouck, Maruschka Detmers, Golden Calf winner Abbey Hoes and Martijn Lakemeier.



Nicole van Kilsdonk

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100 min.




DCP - encrypted

Ventoux 36000347 st 1 s high
Ventoux 36000347 st 2 s high
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