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Villa 69

Ayten Amin / EG, 2013

Villa 69 is a tragicomedy about a terminally ill but irrepressibly charming architect whose life is disrupted by the arrival of his sister. Director Ayten Amin managed to infuse the drama with a sense of lightness. Amin belongs to a new generation of Arab female filmmakers whose work is currently screened in EYE.


In spite of his illness, the 62-year-old snobbish though charming ladies” man Hussein still enjoys the daily routine in his old home, where he welcomes an array of female visitors. It”s his loyal servant who bears the brunt of his frustrations. This long-suffering servant has to leave the house for a period of three weeks and needs to be replaced. When Hussein”s sister and her grandson move into the house to look after him, the life Hussein is so accustomed to is turned upside down. Unwilling to accept their constant meddling, he clashes with his sister. Yet these confrontations also cause him to re-appraise his views on life, love and family and to appreciate his relatives for who they are.

Ayten Amin was born in Alexandria and studied film at the American University, Cairo and at the Cinema and Critics Association. Villa 69 is her feature film debut.

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Where Do We Go Now?

‘Powerful, poignant, vibrant and provocative’, is how guest curator Ludmila Cvikova – Head of International Programming at the Doha Film Institute in Qatar from 2011 to 2014 – qualifies her selection of award-winning films.

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