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Still from Viral (Shriejan Paudel, 2021, NL)

Visuele ode aan de vrijheid

Keti Koti: Visual ode to freedom

Tonight, in celebration of Keti Koti, we present a visual ode to various forms of freedom featuring four short films by bi-cultural makers: Watamula by Kevin Osepa, Pariba by Aramis Garcia Gonzalez, Viral by Shriejan Paudel and Kraaiennest by Flynn von Kleist.

poster Keti Koti special: Visuele ode aan de vrijheid
This programme was co-compiled by Imane el Oualkadi (Alien Mag) and director Kevin Osepa. An introduction will be provided and the evening will conclude with a Q&A led by writer and film programmer Guus Schulting.


  • still from Watamula (Kevin Osepa, NL 2020)


    Kevin Osepa, 2020, Curaçao, 25'
    In this short film, artist and filmmaker Kevin Osepa, to whom the identity of young Afro-Caribbeans is a key subject, sculpts a magic-realist panorama in which landscape and fate, spirituality, sensuality and machismo meet. The main character René emerges from a river and continues his journey to Watamula, ‘the place where Curaçao breathes’. A trip though life both quotidian and mysterious.

  • Still from Pariba (Aramis Garcia Gonzalez, 2019, NL)


    Aramis Garcia Gonzalez, 2019, NL, 14'
    Annually, girlfriends Julie and Xiomara celebrate carnival together. The day has fixed rituals, but Julie slowly realises that next year she will have to do it all without Xiomara – who will be moving from Aruba to the Netherlands. The girls will never see each other again the way they do now. This melancholy film tells the story of hundreds of pupils who leave the ABC islands every year to go and study in the Netherlands, leaving everyone and everything they know behind to start a new life in an alien environment.

  • Still from Kraaiennest (Flynn von Kleist, 2018, NL)


    Flynn von Kleist, 2018, NL, 13'
    13-year old Joey (Yfendo van Praag) doesn’t want to leave his foster family to move back in with his biological mother. Once he arrives home, things don’t seem so bad. However, tensions rise as the festivities continue. Has nothing changed and is the family heading for an emotional separation or will the parent and children manage to create a new equilibrium?

    Director Von Kleist extended his short film into the much lauded feature film I Don't Wanna Dance. Aged 16, Yfendo van Praag felt free enough to choose his life. ‘Okay, then I suppose that makes me the first person from Surinam to let go of his mother. As the eldest child I always wanted to help and support her. However, at some point I discovered that it was important for me to prioritise myself and my younger brother and sister,’ he said in an interview with the VPRO Gids [TV guide].

  • Still from Viral (Shriejan Paudel, 2021, NL)


    Shriejan Paudel, 2021, NL, 23'
    Nina (26) and her friends go viral with a video. They get ready for their TV debut. when they prove to have been brought in under false pretences, Nina faces a choice: her career or this unique opportunity to make statement as an underrepresented Afro-Caribbean filmmaker? Pendel questions aggravating stereotypes by portraying three young woman who choose to be free from this type of discrimination. Followed by a Q&A with director Shriejan Paudel and scriptwriter Ashanti Vreden.



99 min.

Original title

Visuele ode aan de vrijheid







Why in Eye

On the occasion of the national commemoration of the abolition of slavery on July 1st, Eye is programming an evening with four short films about newfound freedom by makers with a bi-cultural background. In short after-talks, the audience can discuss the films and significance of Keti Koti with the makers.

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