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VRAcademy: Real-time performance research

Eye on Art's Research Labs provide scope for a new generation of curators and artists to hone their skills. Students from different art academies and universities are asked to put together a programme featuring their own work and films (including remixes) from Eye’s collection. Research Labs do not follow a strict format and often result in a cultural crossover between film and other art forms. Today: Real-time performance research by VRAcademy.

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Every year students of the Amsterdam University of the Arts get the chance to apply for a period at the VRSpace(VRAcademy) on the Marineterrein, in which they can explore and develop their concepts with the newest techniques like mocap, VR and AR with the support and coaching of different specialists. They can work alone or in cross-over collaboration with students of other AHK faculties or with creative start-ups. This schoolyear 2019-2020 six students will present their research at the ResearchLabs 2020 in Eye.

Breeeding Deisgn Cyborgs (VR installation, 10h00-19h00, location: IJlounge)

Victorine van Alphen

Speculating on the future of human reproduction Lisa Mandemaker & Victorine van Alphen breed/design cyborgs based on human characteristics in post- human bodies. After a kafka-esque interview with retro- futuristic elements you will encounter your unique holographic interactive cyborg baby, that will be uniquely rendered for you, based on your answers.

Cyborgs created with a combination of motion capture, intelligent motion AI (motion matching), Houdini (physical based rendering software) & Unity (3d-virtual reality software) will be used and screened on a holographic screen for interactive encounters.

Caught Up Synergy

Diogo Carricos & Daniel Bolba

“Caught up synergy” is an audiovisual performance that reflects on the converging relation between humans and machines. By reading diversified digital files as raw audio and as raw video data, the artists uncover the underlying digital culture produced by digital beings, hearing and seeing it. This is then used as source material to explore how the performer”s actions and body movement can affect live the electronic musical and visual outcome, and how this, in turn, affects the performer”s reactions.

Instant Composing in a Digital Rehearsal Space

Robin Coops

Over the past two years, Robin has been researching the tension between control and losing control, as a theme and working method. In his research at the VRSpace (VRAcademy), he will continue this journey and explores how VR and game engines as Unity, can be turned into tools for instant composing. A live-cinema improvisation between a dancer, musician and visual effects designer.


Neda Ruzheva

Neda Ruzheva and fellow digital alchemist Anna Bacheva from Studio Otaika and fellow practioner of embodied dream states Devika Chotoe have been conducting heavy and complex research in a mysterious lab, trying to unfold the archaic mystery of how to turn digital information into performance art.


Noor Stenfert Kroese

The Connectome is the complete chart of neural connections in our brain. Our humaness arises from these moments of connection. But our connectome is not constant. It disforms and develops into new connections. Old ones disappear. Without AI it will not be possible to map the whole connectome. The goal of Noor”s research is to develop an installation in which this ever changing process, fed by science and technology, can be encountered through texture, sound, silence, light, video, smell, temperature, actions and space itself.

The best curated programme and the best work will be awarded by a student jury and an Eye jury.

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Eye on Art

Eye on Art is a programme on the intersection between film and other arts. Eye on Art keeps up with current events, with presentations on contemporary artists and programmes that coincide with important exhibitions, manifestations and Eye activities.

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