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Who Are You A Sister To?

Who Are You A Sister To?  is a film programme which focuses on the cinematic contextualization of questions of solidarity from different global feminist perspectives. The programme is curated by four UvA research master students and is inspired by the theme of The 10th Women and the Silent Screen Conference: SISTERS.

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Within feminist narratives the meaning of sisterhood often transcends that of consanguineous relationships to become a broader notion in which “sisterhood” is used to express solidarity of women with other women. The wide-ranging meaning of this word gives rise to various questions: What is a sister? How to achieve sisterhood? What kind of responsibilities does sisterhood entail and exact? And above all, who are you a sister to?

As they were putting together this programme, the curators used their different cultural backgrounds and their distinct interests in vital feminist narratives as a starting point for this research. It has resulted in a programme that consists of several short films which all have their own answers to the questions raised above. While these films come from different parts of the world and deal with different challenges of womanhood, what they have in common is that they offer the viewer female perspectives that go beyond stereotypes and empty gestures. They provide fruitful ground for the critical research into the performative aspects of womanhood and subsequently that of sisterhood.


By actively putting these works into dialogue with each other through a curated film programme, the curators challenge the public to question their own limitations of solidarity in a feminist context. And to experience how film can open up a space for feminism that confronts normativity and is alive to ever-changing contexts of womanhood.

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The programme is part of the Research Labs. Eye on Art's Research Labs provide scope for a new generation of curators and artists to hone their skills. Students from different art academies and universities are asked to put together a programme making use of films from Eye”s collection. Research Labs do not follow a strict format and often result in a cultural crossover between film and other art forms.

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
Who are you a sister to eye filmmuseum03
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