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still Wild Port of Europe (Willem Berents, NL 2022)

Wild Port of Europe

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Willem Berents / NL, 2022 / 87 min.

Seals, polecats, toads, wheatears and rare orchids prove to thrive in the port area. Even among all the petrochemical plants, the animals manage to find quiet places the makers of this port nature film to their surprise.

poster Wild Port of Europe (Willem Berents, NL 2022)
Hedgehogs, polecats, lesser black-backed gulls, a peregrine falcon, rabbits and even seals and exotic mitten crabs. Wild Port of Europe shows you how these and other animals live in the largest, busiest port in Europe. In a landscape continually changed by humans these animals grasp their opportunities, often making remarkable choices.


Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 6 years must be accompanied by an adult


Willem Berents

Production year




Original title

Wild Port of Europe


87 min.





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still Wild Port of Europe (Willem Berents, NL 2022)
still Wild Port of Europe (Willem Berents, NL 2022)
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