Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA: Familiar Strangers

Compilation of video art in collaboration with Amsterdam Art Weekend: Jokes, Kapitalism, The New Dress, Selfies aan Zee, Mothership Goes to Brazil, 120'.

Jean-Baptiste Maitre (NL, 2016) 7'

The form of these four short stories, each ending with the same punch line, recalls the experimentalism of early cinema.


Paulien Oltheten (NL, 2016) 6'

If you look closely enough, even something as mundane as morning exercises can convey a germ of political resistance.


The New Dress
Roy Villevoye en Jan Dietvorst (NL, 2016) 21'

An elderly missionary looks back on her time with headhunters in Papua New Guinea, seeming only now to realize the impact this has had.


Selfies aan zee
Paulien Oltheten (NL, 2016) 1'

This anthropological miniature provides ironic commentary on the phenomenon of the selfie: what’s meant to affirm existence ends in disappearance.


Mothership Goes to Brazil
Josefin Arnell (SE/NL, 2016) 28'

Filmmaker neemt alcoholistische moeder mee naar genezer in Brazilië die zelf gehospitaliseerd blijkt. Openhartig portret van liefdevolle, maar schurende relatie.