• Best of Selected Artist Moving Images
  • Best of Selected Artist Moving Images
  • Best of Selected Artist Moving Images
  • Best of Selected Artist Moving Images
  • Best of Selected Artist Moving Images

Best of Selected Artist Moving Images

New work by Dutch artists and experimental filmmakers that was recently added to EYE’s collection. The programme includes short films by filmmakers and artist’s like María Molina Peiró and Michiel van Bakel: both emerging artists and established names.

The new collection films are distributed by EYE and are also screened at international festivals. The programme highlights recent trends in the artist’s film and the short experimental film. Most of the filmmakers featured in the programme will be present for a Q&A.


Lola Magenta 
The Netherlands  – 2018 - Ansuya Blom – 9 min 
Lola Magenta is about a famous name in psychiatric literature, Lola Voss, who was diagnosed as schizophrenic by Ludwig Binswanger, a contemporary of Freud. Nonetheless, Blom chooses not to use Binswanger’s words, but the writings of Voss herself. In letters to her doctors, she lucidly describes her situation and attempts to gain control of her fears. Excerpts from the letters are interspersed with lines from the Greek tragedy Agamemnon and the play 4.48 Psychosis, the final work by playwright Sarah Kane before she opted to escape her depression by committing suicide.

Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train - The People's View
Rein Jelle Terpstra – 9 min
On June 8, 1968, amidst a year wracked by division and violence, the casket of assassinated Senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was transported on a funeral train from New York City to Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of people united along the tracks in a spontaneous expression of grief. 'Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train-The People's View' presents a cinematographic reflection on this historic train journey from the people's perspective.

The Nightshift
The Netherlands  –2017-  Giovanni Giaretta -  7 min
A hypnotic voice-over narrates a text based on personal experience as a night porter. Here, the nightshift becomes a metaphor that tells about the mechanics of perception, describing a particular state of mind caused by working at night in relation to an self-generated filmic illusion in which one pretend that it is daytime. This work consists of a collection of images and resemblances that trick the eye, like the shadows of objects on a wall, CCTV footage or misleading deceptive reflections in windows. The video tackles the relationship between perception and projection, and hints at the suspension of disbelief and at the constant shifting between what is fantasized and what is experienced.

Hours of Glass 
The Netherlands  – 2018 - Michiel van Bakel-  7 min
Time-traveling through a sequence of time-lapses. From a dark sky park on Møn, Denmark,  to a vanished observatory in Istanbul (Taqi ad-Din). Via the idiosyncratic Einsteinturm close to Berlin, ultimately reaching a secret service post used for intercepting vast amounts of tele-communications (Joint Sigint Cyber Unit, the largest eavesdropping base in the Netherlands). 
This short photographic investigation follows an associative path along places that helped shape the observation, or should we say, the surveillance of the heavens. An extraterrestrial gaze is turned towards earth in the form of a full spectrum camerawith its eerie colour schemes. Likewise, some of the deep-gazing techniques are directed towards people sharing thoughts over the ether.

The Sasha 
The Netherlands  – 2019 - María Molina Peiró- 20 min 
'The Sasha' is a fictional video essay about the human perspective on Earth and our constant struggle with our temporal and spatial limitations. From the exploration of space to cyberspace, from a family portrait to a photograph of the Earth, from an analogue Moon in 1972 to a virtual Moon in Google Earth today.
In the film archive material from Apollo XVI Mission and from the history of space-photography is mixed, animated and post-produced to create a loop of parallel universes where infinity seems to be lost between frames and interfaces.