I Am the One who Brings Flowers to her Grave (Ana alati tahmol azouhour ila qabriha)

A journey through the Syrian landscape, featuring interviews with three dissidents who long ago left Syria for France. The filmmaker presents a poetic portrait of her friends, who have chosen to go into exile. Winner of the Best Documentary award at Venice. Hala Abdallah belongs to a new generation of Arab female filmmakers whose work is currently screened in EYE.

Filmmaker Hala Abdallah was banned from Syria 25 years ago. Her acclaimed documentary is an intensely personal study of her native country Syria in which she reflects not only on the sense of loss which so many of her compatriots are coping with, but also on their enormous resilience. The documentary integrates interviews with three of her friends who have long ago left Syria for France with images of her husband Youssef Abdelke, a painter who is reunited with his mother after a long time.

Abdallah begins on a journey through the Syrian landscape and settles down near the sea, pondering over the impact of poetry on daily life. She records the almost forgotten life stories of Syrian dissidents, digging deeper and deeper into their world, the world of people who have chosen to live in a foreign country, where they have gone into internal exile.