Research Lab: Jan van Eyck Academie: Screen Matters

The Screen Matter research group is concerned with moving image as it embodies the intersection between material and virtual spaces. The group is composed of five current participants at the Jan van Eyck Academie: Alessandro Bertelle, Daniel Jacoby, Graham Kelly, Urok Shirhan. 

Screen Matter proposes an understanding of the screen as a moment of transition between virtual and material states. Moving image is seen here as infinitely malleable and fractured material dislocated from any single source, awaiting activation within specific contexts and parameters. In this regard we will engage with EYE as an extension of the screen, creating new points of departure by using material from the archive combined with our own contributions towards new arrangements and interpretations. Here, EYE functions as a material embodiment and selection filter for multiple timelines and potential narratives.
The program for EYE will be composed of a multi-channel film installation in the exhibition space accompanied by a performative lecture program with contributions by Alessandro Bertelle, Graham Kelly and Beny Wagner.