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Still A Little Love Package

A Little Love Package

Gastón Solnicki / AT, AR, 2022 / 81 min.

A meandering ode to Vienna and its disappearing café culture. Angeliki’s search for the perfect apartment provides the springboard for this film—part fiction, part documentary—in travels from Vienna to Andalusia.

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In Argentine filmmaker Gastón Solnicki’s ode to Vienna, its architecture and its coffeehouse culture—which is dying out because of the ban on smoking—Angeliki (Angeliki Papoulia) goes in search of the perfect apartment in the city, assisted by her friend Carmen (Carmen Chaplin). Carmen guides her friend around the historical center, but Angeliki has a complaint about every apartment they visit.

Their quest and the friction between them provide the springboard for an unpredictable story that leads from Vienna to Andalusia, where, after a long absence, Carmen visits her sick father. And Carmen’s sister teaches her a lesson about generosity and responsibility.

Mexican author Mario Bellatin narrates, and the cinematographer is Rui Poças (Zama), who here chooses to film Vienna in classic style, using a tripod and dolly to achieve beautifully composed, perfectly lit scenes. This blend of fiction and documentary featuring both actors and non-actors won the best director award at BAFICI festival in Buenos Aires.

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Gastón Solnicki

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81 min.


English, Spanish, German

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