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Ammodo Docs campagnebeeld

Ammodo Docs

Ammodo Docs

The festive launch of Ammodo Docs, a new series of short documentaries featuring original thinkers. In 15-minute films, renowned filmmakers challenge you to see the world through the eyes of groundbreaking artists and scientists.

Ammodo Docs campagnebeeld
On this evening we will show three films from the first season with a supporting program, Q&A sessions and a short fragment of 4: Still Life by choreographer Nicole Beutler. The presentation will be hosted by Sacha Bronwasser.


  • Ammodo Docs In Between Realities 1

    In Between Realities

    How does technology transform humanity? Do we need a body to be human? In his multidisciplinary work, composer and director Michel van der Aa explores the big themes of our digitised age and contemplates existential questions in the border area between humans, machines and consciousness.

    Van der Aa re-energises the world of opera. Whether his VR goggles are on or off, he is always looking towards the future. In Between Realities shows him working on a new music theatre project, crossing the boundaries between remembering and forgetting, reality and unreality, life and death. Together with actors and avatars he forges new paths into the metaverse.

  • Ammodo Docs Dimension of Absence 1

    Dimension of Absence

    Although she didn’t personally experience the last Argentinian military junta (1974-1983), Argentinian-Dutch visual artist Aimée Zito Lema grew up in the shadow of the violent history that affected her country and family. At a young age, she grew fascinated with archival photographs of people who dared to risk their lives by resisting Jorge Videla’s military regime.

    On a visit to Buenos Aires, she includes her daughter in a performative art piece in which they embody the past and imagine a new future, showing the way art can function as a medium for memory work across countries and generations.

  • Ammodo Docs Moving Mountains 2

    Moving Mountains

    On his quest to map the consequences of climate change, mountain hydrologist Walter Immerzeel and his team venture to heights where other scientists do not go. From his tent base in the Himalayas, he monitors over 150 instruments measuring variables like snowfall, temperature, air pressure, solar irradiance, windspeed and more.

    |These data must be extremely accurate in order to reliably predict changes in the region’s water cycle – which is of crucial importance for the millions of people who live in the climate-sensitive areas downstream. In Moving Mountains, filmmaker and mountaineer Renko Douze follows Immerzeel on one of his mountain expeditions.

The programme is free, you can reserve your place via the link. From 18:00 you can visit the exhibition with your ticket. Afterwards, there will be a drinks reception.


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120 min.



Ammodo Docs Moving Mountains 1
Ammodo Docs Dimension of Absence 2
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