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still from Thee met koek (Ton van Saane, NL 1970)


Meet the Archive: Animated

Annually, the extent and scope of Eye’s collection is underlined when its collection experts are spotlighted during Meet the Archive. The latter provides exceptional stories from (early) film history and highlights forgotten filmmakers. Today with La villa aux surprises, De Chomón 150 Anniversary & Escamillo a le ver solitaire, the film drawings of Ton van Saane and gaming with colonial film.

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Exceptional stories about forgotten films. Today, animation: its techniques and history.


  • La villa aux surprises (FR 1912, 5')

    Trick film/comedy with live music.

  • Joop Geesink's unique puppet collection

    Joop Geesink’s unique puppet collection

    In 2022, Eye acquired Joop Geesink’s large collection of original puppets. Soeluh van den Berg, Curator and Head of Film-related Collections and Leenke Ripmeester, animation curator, talk about the history and genesis of commercials at Joop Geesink’s Dollywood. A film featuring interviews with daughter Louise Geesink, Mrs Jonker-Leurs and Mr Paul van den Acker (maintainer/carer for the puppets at Castle Nederhorst ten Berg on behalf of the Harmine Wolters Stichting).

  • still from Escamillo a le ver solitaire (Segundo de Chomón, ES 1912)

    De Chomón 150 Anniversary & Escamillo a le ver solitaire (ES, Segundo de Chomón, 1912, 7') with live piano music.

    From 2021 onwards, Filmoteca de Catalunya has been celebrating the 150th anniversary of Segundo de Chomón with an international archival project (#AnyChomon). Alongside film screenings, a lot of new research is being conducted behind the screens with surprising results, particularly into Iberico Film which De Chomón founded in Barcelona. One of the most remarkable finds at Eye was Escamillo a le ver solitaire, a grotesque comedy featuring live-action and stop-motion. Presented by curator Elif Rongen in collaboration with Rosa Cardona and Mariona Abruzzo of Filmoteca de Catalunya.

  • still from De maatschappelijke ladder (Ton van Saane, NL 1963-1967)

    The film drawings of Ton van Saane

    Animator Ton van Saane (1930-1973) made unique ‘film drawings’. Although his oeuvre consists of over 80 films, his is largely still unknown. Eye has recently conserved these films. Five of them will be screened today, including a number of silent films which the maker’s son, sound recordist Fokke van Saane, has now created a soundtrack. Introduced by animation curator Leenke Ripmeester. Our guests tonight: Ellie van Saane (widow) and Fokke van Saane (son).

  • Flores-Film. Reis naar Insulinde en Missie op Flores N.O.I. (Johannes Bouma, Simon Buis, Johannes van Cleef a.o., NL 1925) © colour material: Imran Channa

    Gaming with colonial film

    Some of the oldest films in Eye’s collection are those depicting the former colony, the Dutch East Indies. Some 1,500 titles have been handed over to what was then the Koninklijk instituut voor de Tropen (KIT) since the late-1970s. Many artists have mined this archival material to create new narratives.

    This also applies to Imran Channa, our current Artist in Residence at Eye, who is working on a game featuring footage he has copied in pencil from the 1920s - by Willy Mullens, among others.

    What is the colonial film collection at Eye like and why is it important to Channa to present the material this way? Introduction by curator Dorette Schootemeijer and presented by Imran Channa.

    © colour material: Imran Channa

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Meet the Archive

Discover hidden treasures from Eye's collection. The collection specialists from Eye present new acquisitions, special finds and restoration projects once a year. During this behind-the-scenes look, Eye shows the enormous wealth of its collection. Entrance is free for the programmes during the day.

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still from Knockin’ on Herman’s Door (Stefano Bertacchini, NL 2021)
still from Escamillo a le ver solitaire (Segundo de Chomón, ES 1912)
still from Dag Nacht II (Ton van Saane, NL 1968-1971)
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