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Artificial Herzog: Piotr Winiewicz

Eye on Art: Artifical Herzog: Piotr Winiewicz

In his upcoming feature film About a Hero, Piotr Winiewicz investigates the extent to which Artificial Intelligence could be used to make a film like one of Werner Herzog’s. This evening, Winiewicz will share the process with us, alongside visual artist Constant Dullaart, who is collaborating with him on an art installation based on Herzog’s voice.

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"A computer will not create a film as good as mine in 4,500 years." This statement by Werner Herzog set artist Piotr Winiewicz thinking. Could a computer write a film script? The meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence raises the question of what cooperation between man and machine may look like in the future.

In his upcoming feature film About a Hero, Winiewicz investigates the extent to which artificial intelligence can be used to make a film like one of Werner Herzog’s. To investigate this, he programmed ‘Kaspar’, an AI based on the mind of Werner Herzog, to write a film script.

"I hope people get scared. I want them to feel like they are in the middle of a horror movie. I want them to realize that the future of film belongs to the machines", the machine says. About a Hero is part of Winiewicz's larger project Kaspar AI, named after the German foundling Kaspar Hauser (1812-1833), whose story inspired Herzog to make his film Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle (1974). The film will be screened after the programme.

The soul of the film

Werner Herzog officially granted his permission for the project to Winiewicz, but is convinced the computer will fail. Because: where is the film’s soul? Winiewicz is currently in the midst of the production process, which he will share with the audience during this programme. Together with visual artist Constant Dullaart, he will discuss the art installation that looks deeper into how the AI processes create the language and the voice of Werner Herzog. This is followed by a panel discussion, which will cover topics such as technophobia and creativity, and a Q&A.


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