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Atlantic 26006332 st 1 s high


Jan-Willem van Ewijk / NL, BE, DE, MA, 2015 / 94 min.

A young man in his twenties leaves his Moroccan village to defy the Atlantic Ocean on his windsurf board and map out his own future. Visually overwhelming film by Dutch filmmaker Jan-Willem van Ewijk, a windsurfer himself and a former investment banker.

Atlantic 26006332 ps 1 s high

Atlantic. makes us ride on the waves along with the lonely windsurfer. The sea in this extraordinary tale is a living, restless organism.

Fettah, a young fisherman, has fallen in love. Longing for freedom, he is determined to make it across the Atlantic to Europe on his windsurf board The film”s images invite us to submerge ourselves in the experience thanks to the more intuitive way of directing, which powerfully brings home how riding that one wave can alter a life completely. The film was shot in the coastal village of Moulay Bouzerktoun, which is situated between Casablanca and Agadir. In the late 1980s, the village was discovered by the international windsurfing community. The arrival of windsurfers brought freedom to the village but also frustration: the people of Moulay Bouzerktoun hoped their village would become a favourite tourist spot, but the tourists stayed away.

The film”s cast includes Thekla Reuten and the Moroccan actor Mohamed Majd (Incendies, Syriana). Fettah Lamara, the actor who stars as Fettah, ran a restaurant in the village in real life.[C1] Before he decided to change the course of his life and become a filmmaker, director Van Ewijk was an aerospace engineer and an investment banker.



Jan-Willem van Ewijk

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94 min.




DCP - encrypted

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