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still from Cha-cha (Herbert Curiël, NL 1979)

Cha Cha

Herbert Curiël / NL, 1979 / 99 min.

In Cha-cha, with Herman Brood and punk singer Nina Hagen, Herbert Curiël creates a tempestuous portrait of the Amsterdam pop scene of the late ’70s. Now, twenty years after Herman Brood’s death, a newly restored version of Cha-cha can be enjoyed again.

poster Cha-cha (Herbert Curiël, NL 1979)
After Herman Brood, frontman of The Wild Romance, and punk singers Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich have robbed a bank, Herman decides he’d rather return to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. In the meantime, a jealous Nina puts together her own band, made up of members of Herman’s group, and the pair marry in pop temple Paradiso.



Herbert Curiël

Production year




Original title

Cha Cha


99 min.


Dutch, German, English





Part of

Restored & Unseen

At last, a chance to see that Italian classic that’s been on the list for so long? Or relish that wonderful restoration of Blue Movie, the Netherlands’ most talked-about nude film of the seventies, when the Bijlmer district was still a sexual paradise? Restored & Unseen is a biweekly programme featuring classics and recent restorations, with introductions by experts.

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still from Cha-cha (Herbert Curiël, NL 1979)
still from Cha-cha (Herbert Curiël, NL 1979)

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