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still Anselmo (Chick Strand, US/MX 1967)

Chick Strand - Fruits of Love and Labour

Eye on Art: Chick Strand - Fruits of Love and Labour

Pioneer Chick Strand seamlessly blended ethnography with avant-garde aesthetics, offering a profound exploration of human experiences. Her uniquely intimate gaze captures subjects through texture and movement.

poster Eye on Art: Chick Strand
Chick Strand (1931-2009) was a pioneer in experimental ethnography, defying simple objectification.


  • still Fruit Cake Factory (Chick Strand, MX 1986)

    Fake Fruit Factory

    Intimate documentary about young women who make papier mache fruit and vegetables in a small factory in Mexico. They have a gringo boss, but the factory is owned by his Mexican wife. The film focsues on the color, music, and the gossip revealing what the young women think about men.

  • still Anselmo (Chick Strand, US/MX 1967)


    An experimental documentary in the sense that it is a symbolic reenactment of a real event. Strand asked a Mexican Indian friend what he would like most in the world. His answer was, “A double E flat tuba.”

  • still Cosas de mi vida (Chick Strand, US/MX 1976)

    Cosas de mi vida

    Strand spent over twenty years documenting her friend Anselmo Aguascalientes’ life, eventually creating a stunning trilogy of films — Anselmo, Cosas de mi vida, and Anselmo and the Women —tender portraits that are also glimpses into poverty, resourcefulness, perseverance and patriarchy.

  • still Mujer de milfuegos (Chick Strand, US/MX 1976)

    Mujer de Milfuegos

    A kind of heretic fantasy film. An expressionistic, surrealistic portrait of a Latin American woman. Not a personal portrait so much as an evocation of the consciousness of women in rural parts of such countries as Spain, Greece and Mexico; women who wear black from the age 15 and spend their entire lives giving birth, preparing food and tending to household and farm responsibilities.

On 6 February, Chick Strand - Fruits of Love and Labour is programmed before El Mar la Mar. Tickets are sold separately.

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Why in Eye

"Ethnographic films can and should be works of art, symphonies about the fabric of a people, celebrations of the tenacity and uniqueness of the human spirit." (Chick Strand)

still Mujer de milfuegos (Chick Strand, US/MX 1976)
still Anselmo (Chick Strand, US/MX 1967)
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