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Cinema Concert: HANS DAGELET en YAN: R.I.P.

Foto's HANS & YAN: Sophie van RunMede mogelijk gemaakt door het AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst)

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With live music by Hans Dagelet: trumpet and vocals, Jan van Eerd: electronics and percussion. They are joined by pianist Xavier Boot.

In the build-up for the multimedia performance R.I.P. which is scheduled to premiere in 2021 (final direction by Gerardjan Rijnders), Hans Dagelet and Jan van Eerd, together with Jan Boiten made eight compilation films based on Eye”s Bits & Pieces collection.

The music for these montages was drawn from R.I.P, an LP record Dagelet made last year with Jan van Eerd (a.k.a. YAN, accompanist and producer of Wende Snijders and other artists).

The LP features eight tracks with music by Hans Dagelet and YAN set to texts by the Groningen printer and painter Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman. The common theme is death, though the word itself is never mentioned.

fitness and volcanic eruptions

Hans Dagelet:

“I”ve been to Eye”s archive a number of times together with scenographer/filmmaker Jan Boiten. We chose short films from their Bits & Pieces collection that work well with music. Monochrome films from the 1900s through to 1945. Some crazy footage: parades, artistic swimming, crumbling glaciers, roadworkers laying bricks at an incredible speed, ants in single files, shopping crowds, surgery, animated footage of cigars popping into a cigar box and out again, mass fitness training events, volcanic eruptions, locomotives crashing into each other in test situations, beauty contests, slo-mo images of blossoming flowers and mushrooms, WWI trenches, bombed-out cities and much, much more. The beauty of shaky and scratched footage from the past works really well with the music of R.I.P.”


Hans dagelet en jan van eerd2
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