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Cinema Concert: Roosbeef plays Filibus

Singer-songwriter and keyboardist Roos Rebergen and guitarist/songwriter Sjoerd Bruil will accompany this new restoration of Filibus. In this silent classic sky pirate Filibus, who travels by zeppelin and poses as Baroness Troixmond, tries to pin her own crimes on detective Hardy.

Poster filibus

Filibus was a celebrated Italian film villain in the early 20th century, a fictional character that was embraced by the masses and the artistic avant-garde alike. Trying to lay the suspicion for her crimes on detective Hardy, Filibus manages to enlist the help of Baroness Troixmond. It leads to a complex game of identities – will the real Filibus please stand up! After a series of complications and abductions, Filibus, whose favourite means of transport is the zeppelin, threatens to be exposed. Or not? The film was frequently screened as one of the entertainment titles in the distribution collection of film pioneer Jean Desmet (1875-1956), whose estate is part of Eye”s collection. Roos Rebergen accompanies this new restoration of Filibus together with guitarist/songwriter Sjoerd Bruil.

tjing tjing

Singer-songwriter and keyboardist Roos Rebergen”s band, Roosbeef, has been around for more than ten years now. In the meantime she also formed the band Tjing Tjing together with André Manuel and put together an EP, De Speeldoos, with Torre Florim of De Staat. Her first volume of poetry “Ik ben al 11 jaar geen zestien meer” appeared in 2016.

Guitarist/songwriter Sjoerd Bruil (1981) has been playing with Sukilove, Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Dez Mona, Millionaire and a host of other bands since 2004. His own band is called Black Cassette. He and Roos played together in party band Tjing Tjing.


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