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Cinema Concert: Wings

A  film concert with music written by third-year students of composition at the Music and Technology department of the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), performed live by the Keuris Ensemble conducted by Henry Kelder. Together with HKU sound designers, they will bring the spectacular Oscar winner Wings to life.

Wings poster

HKU Meets Eye: Wings is an annual live event performed to a silent film. This year the students composed music to accompany Wings, for a long time the only silent film to have ever won an Oscar until The Artist garnered five of them in 2012. Wings was awarded an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Engineering Effects.


Wings is regarded as one of the first successful titles in the aviation film genre. Aviation technology was booming when the film was made. The American public flocked to see the stunningly produced aerial combats in this romantic war drama. Not only does the film feature amazing action scenes and advanced technology, the love life of the “daredevil flyboys” Jack and David also features prominently.

January 1917: the United States led by President Wilson declared war on Germany. The two friends Jack and David immediately volunteer to be trained as fighter pilots and boldly climb into their machines to confront German fighter and bomber planes.

tough but fair

This American action film larded with spectacular air fights and crashes thrilled the audiences, not in the least owing to the performances of stars like Clara Bow, Richard Arlen and Gary Cooper. The latter plays a strict but honest air force veteran who makes men out of boys. Men who will risk anything to beat the enemy but still play the game by the book: tough but fair.


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