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still from Crispy (Kraukškītis) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2014)

Cinemini: Prentenkoekjes

Cinemini: Prentenkoekjes

This month Eye screens three recent productions by the Latvian animation filmmaker Dace Rīdūze for the youngest. ’Print cookies’ is a programme featuring three lovely and superbly produced stop-motion films. The stories are loosely based on Rīdūze’s favourite children’s books.

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A red pencil drops from its pen case, a dwarf girl bakes a gingerbread man deep in the snowy forest and the acorn boy meets Mr Bee and Mr Spider – everything”s in motion in the animations by Dace Rīdūze (1973) and nothing is what it seems.

Eye screens three enchanting stop-motion films for the very young that give full rein to the imagination.


  • still from Little Ruddy (Sārtulis) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2013)

    Little Ruddy (Sārtulis) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2013)

    Ruddy, the cheerful red pencil, is not on time to be sharpened. To top it all, he falls out of the window into the garden. He tries to make the best of it but nobody seems to need him. The funny thing is: wherever Ruddy appears, the colour red is missing. The other colour pencils miss him, as they're incomplete without him! The flowers and the toadstools in the story stay white...

  • still from Acorn Boy (Zīļuks) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2010)

    Acorn Boy (Zīļuks) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2010)

    Acorn Boy lives in the autumn forest. In the Village of Stalks he meets Mrs Bee, Mr Spider, the ants and other insects. Dace Rīdūze was inspired by a picture book by the Latvian writer Margarita Stāraste.

  • still from Crispy (Kraukškītis) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2014)

    Crispy (Kraukškītis) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2014)

    Christmas Eve is approaching. It's always a busy time for the dwarfs in the snowy forest. Dwarf girl is busy baking gingerbread – one in the shape of a boy, Crispy. This little gingerbread man is very curious, wanders out into the world and lots of fun. But mind where you go Crispy! The world of the grown-ups can also be dangerous!

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Eye’s finest and most intimate film theatre is a great place for children aged 2 to 6 to experience their first cinema visit. Every Sunday morning, Eye’s Cinemini opens especially for preschoolers and their (grand)parents, where children are treated to a film, followed by experiments with light and shadow in small play tents.

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still from Acorn Boy (Zīļuks) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2010)
still from Little Ruddy (Sārtulis) (Dace Rīdūze, LV 2013)

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