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De keuze van Koolhoven: Night of the Indiana Jones Rip-Offs

‘Nazis, I hate these guys’, is one of the memorable quotes by archaeologist-slash-adventurer Indiana Jones. Armed with a whip and a gun, the Classical Antiquity specialist takes on poisonous snakes, cursed mummies, Nazis, rabid sect leaders and other trash. Unstoppable cinephile Martin Koolhoven explores the phenomenon of the Indiana Jones rip-off in De Keuze van Koolhoven.

poster De Keuze van Koolhoven

Martin Koolhoven:

“Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indy”s first adventure) was in itself of course indebted to the classic Hollywood adventure films and serials. It was such a massive box office hit however, that it signalled the revival of the high adventure genre.

Hollywood itself came up with a few sibling films that were great or not so great (the best one was the excellent Romancing the Stone, which even had a sequel of its own), but Indy clones began springing up all over the world (though mainly in the Philippines and in Italy). These, however, were not always worth the effort of watching. This evening we”ll be starting with a mixed bag of trailers and scenes, followed by the most underestimated Indy rip-off of all times.'

High Road to China (Brian G. Hutton, US 1983)

Tom Selleck (Magnum, P.I, 3 Men and a Baby) is Patrick O”Malley, a former WWI hero pilot who has fallen on hard times. When rich heiress Eve approaches O”Malley to fly her from Istanbul to China to trace her missing father, the adventurer”s blood gets stirring. Numerous action scenes later, Eve”s father – a captain of industry – is found in a village where he supports the local rebels.

Composer John Barry (Body Heat, Out of Africa) wrote an exciting score for this great Indiana Jones rip-off.


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