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De lift 1

De lift

De lift

Dick Maas / NL, 1983 / 95 min.

First major feature film by Dick Maas, starring Huub Stapel as a lift technician who’s up against an elevator with murderous intentions. Like his paragon John Carpenter, Maas himself produced the synthesizer score which was released on vinyl abroad and rightly acquired a cult status of its own.

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Dick Maas

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De lift


95 min.


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Tales of the Future

What would remain of Blade Runner if you take away Vangelis’ synthesizers? Or try to imagine Tarkovsky’s SF classic Solaris without the electronic score. With Tales of the Future, Eye focuses on the impact of the synthesizer on film music and sound design.

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campaign image Eye on Sound: Tales of the Future (image from Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer, GB 2013))
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