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still from De platte jungle (Johan van der Keuken, NL 1978)

De platte jungle

Johan van der Keuken / NL, 1978 / 90 min.

This documentary about the increasingly busy Waddenzee area of islands and tidal flats is still on the money, paying attention – as it does – to environmental issues, bird populations and fish stocks, and people who’s work depends on the Waddenzee, such as fishermen and worm collectors.

poster De platte jungle (Johan van der Keuken, NL 1978)

Johan van der Keuken filmed the fauna, flora and inhabitants of the Wadden Sea which he refers to as a ‘flat jungle’, recording how life has changed in the area. The soundtrack consists of free jazz compositions by Willem Breuker, whom he had worked with before.

Johan van der Keuken had the following to say about this film: ‘De Platte Jungle has a long-term structure that aims to link the miniscule and the gigantic: plaice larvae with nuclear power stations. In between, an impression develops of our warped relations with mother nature and how we mess about with it’.

Screening as part of the Cinema Ecologica programme.



Johan van der Keuken

Production year




Original title

De platte jungle


90 min.





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still from De platte jungle (Johan van der Keuken, NL 1978)
still from De platte jungle (Johan van der Keuken, NL 1978)
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