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Een avond met Frans Weisz: filmen in de jaren 70

Hans Beerekamp (NRC Handelsblad) talks to Frans Weisz about his breakthrough to the wider public in the 1970s and his working relationships with producer Rob du Mée and actor Rijk de Gooyer. A major interview with the maestro, focusing on films like The Burglar (1972), Naked over the Fence (1973) and Red Sien (1975), but also on his commercial work.

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Frans Weisz

To mark the premiere of Frans Weisz’s latest film Het leven is vurrukkulluk, based on Remco Campert’s sparkling novel, Eye presents a programme of films by one of the Netherlands’ most prominent filmmakers of the past fifty years. Frans Weisz, actors and crew will attend a number of the screenings.

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