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still from Eurydice, a Descent into Infinity (Celine Daemen, NL 2022)

Eurydice & Orphee

Eurydice & Orphée

An evening with Celine Daemen and Aron Fels, makers of the VR experience ‘Eurydice. A descent into infinity’. With a performance from singer Sterre Konijn and a screening of Jean Cocteau’s hypnotic film version of the Orpheus myth, Orphée (1950).

Eurydice online

Celine Daemen and Aron Fels talk about the background to and process of working on their poignant, award-winning virtual reality opera, based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Eurydice is the central character in Eurydice, A Descent into Infinity. She is voiced by singer Sterre Konijn, who with her hypnotic song draws us ever-deeper into a labyrinth of passages, ruins and parapets, behind which dizzying chasms and vista stretch endlessly.

Sterre sings the first part of the music, composed by Kate Moore, with a libretto by Charlotte van den Broeck.

Magical imagination

Programmer Anna Abrahams introduces the screening which follows: Jean Cocteau’s film classic Orphée (1950), which like the virtual reality experience is an exploration of desire, farewells and magical imagination.

Orphée (Jean Cocteau, FR 1950, 112’)

A poet descends into the underworld in search of his departed love, accompanied by a mysterious Princess-who-is-Death. Jean Cocteau’s adaptation of the Orpheus myth is still seen as an undisputed masterpiece of avant-garde cinema. Through the looking glass, into the dream.

Alongside Orphée Eye is also showing Orfeu negro (1959) by Marcel Camus and Claude Goretta’s Orfeo (1985).

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
still from Orphée (Jean Cocteau, FR 1950)
still from Orphée (Jean Cocteau, FR 1950)
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