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Eyeshadow: Blade Runner (1982) & Ohslo

Blade Runner is as relevant today as the day it was first released in 1982. With its extraordinary sets, pioneering special effects, impressive costumes and film noir cinematography, Blade Runner presents a prophetic vision of a dystopian society in the not too distant future. Vangelis composed the film’s electrifying soundtrack.

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EYE screens the original cinema release version in 35mm, including the voice-over by Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), an agent (Blade Runner) specialized in terminating rogue replicants.

After the screening the synth band Ohslo will perform in the IJ lounge. With their icy beats and warm flute tones inspired by Japanese harmonies, African rhythms and R&B, the two musicians from Groningen create a mesmerizing electronic experience, which would definitely have resonated with the replicants in Blade Runner.


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