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Offbeat films and live performances

25 March 2017 — 24 September 2022

Eye on Sound: Bea1991 performs during Eyeshadow
Bea1991 performs during Eyeshadow

Expect indie classics from roughly 1990 to the present, followed by high-profile tailor-made live acts in line with the film. Acts and films are matched on the basis of something that connects film and band. Sometimes it's the thrilling synths from the soundtrack, other times it's the melancholic atmosphere, but it can also be the raw storyline or personal choice of the band that determines the combination.

Cinema and music have been influencing and reinforcing each other since the invention of film. Reason enough for Eye to put that clever combination centre stage in the Eyeshadow series.

Eye on Sound: live music in Eye's arena

In this Spotify playlist you will find all the artists who have performed at previous Eyeshadows, to continue the party at home.

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