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Eyeshadow: Ghost World + Altin Gün

First a film, then a live show: every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack. Cool, offbeat and thrilling films followed by live performances in the bar area that resonate with the film’s themes. Tonight: Ghost World (2001), followed by a performance by Altın Gün, a Turkish psych rock band founded by Jasper Verhulst, the guitarist of Jacco Gardner.

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Ghost World is a witty and original film about two teenage girlfriends who feel they don”t belong, and don”t really want to belong. When Enid gets interested in Seymour (Steve Buscemi), a collector of 78 rpm records, their friendship threatens to fall apart. Zwigoff previously made Crumb, a documentary about the American underground cartoonist. Ghost World is based on the graphic novel produced by Daniel Clowes, who co-wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay with Zwigoff.

The screening of Ghost World is followed by a live show by Altın Gün, an Amsterdam Turkish psych rock band. Altın Gün was founded by Jasper Verhulst, the guitarist of Jacco Gardner. The band plays Turkish psych rock, music based on psychedelic folk music of the '60s and “70s which Verhulst discovered in record shops. They also make their own funky versions of traditional Turkish music found on old cassette tapes.


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