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Eyeshadow: Lost in Translation + Eerie Wanda

Lost in Translation is a detached portrait of two Americans who meet in the bar of their Tokyo hotel. He is an actor suffering from insomnia (Bill Murray), she is a young wife left to herself. Together they wander aimlessly through the neon-lit night. Followed by a show by Eerie Wanda, whose dreamy, melodious songs resonate with the soundtrack.

Lost in translation

Every month Eyeshadow brings you cool, offbeat modern classics followed by live performances. Tonight Lost in Translation, with Bill Murray in arguably his best role to date and Scarlett Johansson as his companion.

Murray is Bob, a fading actor who”s been hired to do a commercial for the Japanese whisky brand Suntory; Johansson is Charlotte, the wife of a hip young photographer. In spite of the age difference, Bob and Charlotte relate to each other, though nothing is actually said.

a spectacle in a karaoke bar

Director Sophia Coppola alternates calm introspection with dry humour; Bob can muster up to ten different versions of “It”s Suntory Time” and doesn”t mind making a spectacle of himself in a karaoke bar. Charlotte”s husband, the hip young photographer, is exactly what he pretends to be and becomes a parody of himself.


Coppola chose melancholic and rhythmic songs by bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine for the soundtrack. Eerie Wanda, featuring singer Marina Tadic, brings a similar mix of dreamy-melodious sounds juxtaposed with dynamic rhythms.

Tadic, Bram Vervaet (lead guitar) and Nic Niggebrugge (percussion) recently recorded their debut album Hum, which was released by the Brooklyn label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

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Eyeshadow is a monthly series on Saturday night featuring cool, offbeat and thrilling films, live performances and drinks at the bar. Each edition starts with a film screening, followed by a performance. Every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack. After the film screening, a live band plays music that connects with the film.

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