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still 1st Step (Jörg Courtial, DE 2019)

Final Frontier 360°

Nu:Reality: Final Frontier 360°

Don your VR headset and travel the stars on route to the unknown. Come aboard a spaceship and experience the historic Apollo 17 mission up close, then meet the 'prophet of the space age'. These three 360-degree films helps you escape earth’s orbit.

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Three VR 360° films:


  • 1st Step (Jörg Courtial, DE 2019, 16')

    It is now over 50 years ago that mankind last set foot on the moon during the legendary Apollo 17 mission and you can be the next in your own cinema. The VR film 1st Step takes you on a journey through space. From the launch on earth to the landing on the moon and back home again. It utilises archival photographs, NASA data and advice from ESA experts to create an accurate, detailed 3D environment. There’s the breathtaking view. You’ll return from the moon with fresh perspectives. 1st Step won the VeeR Future Award at Cannes XR in 2020.

  • I Saw the Future (François Vautier, FR 2017, 6')

    I Saw the Future immerses viewers in the co-author of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke's vision of the future. Clarke's extensive work as a science fiction writer and television maker he enthused many about space travel. Besides many prizes, it also landed him the moniker 'prophet of the space age'. The basis for I Saw the Future is an interview that Clarke gave the BBC in the 1960s in which he explained what he thought the year 2000 would be like, thereby predicting the digital revolution, decades before it came to pass. This experimental VR film is a moving, poetic invitation to spiritual travel.

  • Aripi (Dmitri Voloshin, MD 2019, 8')

    Aripi is an exciting VR adventure about an astronaut who has dreamt of flying and being free since he was a child. His fantasy appears about to come true as – years later – he is floating around aboard a spaceship orbiting Earth. However, exponentially increasing problems develop and a crash seems unavoidable. Is this the end of his childhood dream … or perhaps not? Dmitri Voloshin’s Aripi, that means wings in Romanian, is an homage to his friend Yuri Boroday, a pilot who is still M.I.A. to this day.

  • This programme takes place in Cinema 4.
  • Please arrive 5 to 15 minutes in advance so your headset can be fitted.
  • Access is not possible after the programme has started.

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Persons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult

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Put on your VR headset and step into a world where you can see the world like never before. This wide-ranging programme stimulates the senses and submerges us in a mix of 360° VR films and interactive installations.

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