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still Great Hoax: The Moon Landing (John Hsu & Marco Lococo, TW 2020)

Great Hoax & Spheres

Nu:Reality: Final Frontier / NL, 2024 / 28 min.

Don a VR headset and play the lead in a fake moon landing and listen to the stars in these two moving interactive installations.

poster Nu:Reality: Great Hoax & Spheres

Two VR installations:


  • still Great Hoax: The Moon Landing (John Hsu & Marco Lococo, TW 2020)

    Great Hoax: The Moon Landing (John Hsu & Marco Lococo, TW 2020, 15-20')

    In this interactive VR comedy, Taiwan stages a moon landing and you play the astronaut. Inspired by the Apollo 11 mission and the glory it brought America, Taiwan goes in search of a national hero: the first Taiwanese person on the moon. However, there isn’t really time or a budget for a real moon mission, so a production crew is used to help the truth out a bit. As the lead you just do what the director asks (or not), providing your most heroic performance.

  • still Spheres (Eliza McNitt, US 2018)

    Spheres (Eliza McNitt, US 2018, 10')

    You usually look at the stars and planets to comprehend the universe and our place in it, however in Spheres you use your ears. Because space is far from silent. Dive into a black hole or discern the hidden music of the cosmos. This interactive VR spectacle – that melts art and science, transforming the revolutionary discovery of gravitational waves and the way we view the universe – has three chapters and you pick one to experience. This mind-blowing VR production featuring the voices of Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain and Patti Smith won the main VR prize at the 2018 Venice Film Festival.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes in advance so your headset can be fitted.

Interested in more Virtual Reality in Eye? Nu:Reality offers a range of programmes running until 25 September, 2024.



Nu:Reality: Final Frontier

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28 min.

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Put on your VR headset and step into a world where you can see the world like never before. This wide-ranging programme stimulates the senses and submerges us in a mix of 360° VR films and interactive installations.

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campaign image Nu:Reality - Final Frontier
still Great Hoax: The Moon Landing (John Hsu & Marco Lococo, TW 2020)
still Spheres (Eliza McNitt, US 2018)

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