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still Floating with Spirits (Juanita Onzaga, BE/LU/MX/NL 2022)

Floating with Spirits

Juanita Onzaga / BE, LU, MX, NL, 2022 / 30 min.

In this cinematic virtual reality, magical stories are told by two young Mazatec, indigenous sisters who recall the ancestral knowledge and mystical cosmogony that their shaman grandmother used to share with them, in the misty mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Two little sisters Jocelynne and Jaquelyne prepare for the Day of the Dead in the mystic mountains of Mexico, remembering the stories their shaman granny used to tell. A portal opens as the Mazatec community celebrates and we enter the universe of their ancestors and the spirits of nature, each keeping a secret world to be unveiled.

Their village lies amidst giant Ceiba trees and rivers full of life. Nature breathes and within, preserves the memories of this community. The landscape that surrounds them is full of knowledge. The girls’ imagination transports us into the world of the spirits of their ancestors and the spirits of nature.

A shamanic dance ritual opens a portal through which we can discover the secret worlds of 4 spirits of nature. Each spirit has its own secret that it will share with us to enable us to make a new connection with the ancestral Mazatec knowledge. Their vision of the world is beautiful, deep and urgent to be shared in a moment where our society needs to rewire its ways of viewing and interacting with nature. Behind each mountain, there is a sea of knowledge.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes in advance so your headset can be fitted.

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Juanita Onzaga

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30 min.

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still Floating with Spirits (Juanita Onzaga, BE/LU/MX/NL 2022)
still Floating with Spirits (Juanita Onzaga, BE/LU/MX/NL 2022)

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