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Eyeshadow: Frances Ha + Future Husband

Frances Ha + Future Husband

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In Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach paints the life of 27-year-old, not terribly successful choreographer Frances (Greta Gerwig), who gambols around The Big Apple with no fixed abode; Baumbach follows the young woman’s meanderings in an airy nouvelle vague style. Followed by a live show by Future Husband.

Eyeshadow 2022 08 27 Frances Ha Future Husband poster
Frances is leading the typically loose life of someone in their late twenties; chatting away for hours on end with her roommate Sophie, engaging in various flirtations and just about making enough to pay the rent on the Brooklyn appartement. But then Sophie leaves and Frances’ job as a dance teacher ends, and she finds herself out on the street. This does nothing to dampen her sense of humour or her determination to chase barely viable dreams.

Noah Baumbach is seen as a chronicler of painful but often also humorous clashes between young men and women in the big city. Greta Gerwig, one of the most interesting directors/actresses of recent years, co-wrote Frances Ha, which is shot in black-and-white.

Live music by Future Husband

Future Husband is Dutch-Nigerian singer-songwriter Adura Sulaiman. Having played in bands with Sofie Winterson and Feng Suave, she is now embarking on her first solo project: Future Husband, about processing the loss of a first love and recording the aftershocks of this. Listening to Future Husband is like floating in a hypnagogic state, where the boundaries between dreams and reality seems to blur.

In her texts, her personal thoughts are set to grand cinematic instrumentation and soundscapes. Guitars, acoustic drums, bass and synths weave among her tenderly performed vocals. Her first single, 'Ritual', has now been released,and the EP is scheduled for release in the spring of 2022.

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still from Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach, US 2012)
Eyeshadow: Future Husband
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