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still Fresh Kill (Shu Lea Cheang, GB/US 1994)

Fresh Kill

Fresh Kill

Screening of the eco-feminist dystopian feature film Fresh Kill (Shu Lea Cheang, 1994) with an introduction by Kimberly Tarr (New York University Libraries), as part of the evening screening programme of the 8th Eye International Conference.

poster Eye International Conference 2023: Fresh Kill

Nearly three decades after its creation, Shu Lea Cheang’s 1994 eco-feminist dystopian feature film Fresh Kill has connected with new audiences, prompting communities to reconsider the ways in which the reality represented within the film has haunting similarities to contemporary life.

Shot in Manhattan and Staten Island, Fresh Kill's production is emblematic of the activist spirit that permeates not only the film but all of Cheang's work. Despite its dystopian setting, the film’s themes of corporate greed, environmental destruction, and technological oppression were, and remain, relevant to the present day.

Cheang's working scripts, storyboards, stills, location scouting photos, exhibition history, and related ephemera have contributed valuable context to the preservation project, as have close communication with the filmmaking team, including director Cheang.

Utilising the original camera negative, the 35mm film was preserved in 2022-23 with the support of the National Film Preservation Foundation. In close partnership with Asian CineVision and the Asian/Pacific/Institute, NYU Libraries enthusiastically facilitates this process of exposure and engagement, supporting an array of exhibitions and research requests related to this work.

This presentation is part of the 8th Eye International Conference, which has Activating the Archive: Audiovisual Collections and Civic Engagement, Global Collaboration, and Societal Change as this year's theme.



Shu Lea Cheang

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Eye International Conference 2023

Eye Filmmuseum and the University of Amsterdam will present the 8th Eye International Conference on ‘Activating the Archive: Audiovisual Collections and Civic Engagement, Global Collaboration, and Societal Change’.

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