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still from Gebroken spiegels (Marleen Gorris, NL 1984)

Gebroken spiegels

Marleen Gorris / NL, 1984 / 105 min.

Marleen Gorris' feminist feature film cleverly combines two stories: a realistic drama and a thriller. The fate of a prostitute and a woman locked in a cellar prove tied. At the time, Gorris’ vision of male sexual exploitation and violence against women was viewed as shocking. Digital restoration.

poster Gebroken spiegels (Marleen Gorris, NL 1984)
Madam Ellen and her prostitutes at sex club Happy House receive their John’s and a first-timer has her first experience as a sex worker. At the same time a housewife is kidnapped and locked in a cellar. It slowly becomes apparent how much these women’s fates are tied.

The digital restoration of Broken Mirrors (Gebroken spiegels) can be watched at home via the Eye Film Player.

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Scenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains scenes of violenceThis movie contains scenes showing explicit sexPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Marleen Gorris

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Gebroken spiegels


105 min.







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still from Gebroken spiegels (Marleen Gorris, NL 1984)
still from Gebroken spiegels (Marleen Gorris, NL 1984)
Header podcast Op de vijfde rij...


In this episode of Op de vijfde rij..., Cesar Majorana follows the restoration of Gebroken spiegels (Broken Mirrors) (1984), a feminist classic about sex workers and the second feature film by the later Oscar winner Marleen Gorris, to investigate what such a resurrection of a film entails.

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