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Guillaume Tell

The Swiss hero William Tell longs to liberate his people from the cruel Austrian occupation. When he helps a Swiss prisoner escape Austrian justice he comes to the attention of the governor Gesler – who sadistically forces Tell to shoot an apple off his son's head. Please note that this opera contains a scene of sexual violence and brief nudity in Act 3 and is therefore only suitable for viewers over the age of 15.

Roh 617 guillaumetell holdingimage r roh 2014

As Tell is arrested his fellow revolutionaries, led by the young patriot Arnold and his Austrian lover Mathilde, gather forces to fight for Swiss liberty. Tell escapes in time to lead the victorious uprising.


Guillaume Tell had its premiere in 1829, when Gioachino Rossini was 37. He wouldn't write another opera in the remaining 39 years of his life. Rossini's letters suggest he knew Guillaume Tell would be his farewell to opera – an idea that seems to be confirmed by the magnificent music he was inspired to produce. The score – harmonically daring and fiercely difficult for the singers – has an opulent architectural grandeur, heightened with vivid evocations of the soaring Swiss landscape and an incisive dramatic interpretation of Schiller's heroic play.Italian rising star Damiano Michieletto (La bohème and Falstaff at Salzburg Festival; Un ballo in maschera at La Scala, Milan) makes his Royal Opera House debut with The Royal Opera's new production, its first since 1990. Rossini made full use of his considerable powers of invention to create some of his greatest music, with highlights such as Tell's Act III aria Sois immobile and the astonishing Act II trio Quand l'Helvétie est un champ de supplices clearly paving the way for Berlioz, Verdi and Wagner. (text: Royal Opera House)Length of the opera / food and drinksThe opera starts at 3.45 am and lasts untill 8.37 pm. It has two intermissions at 5.13 pm and 6.38 pm of 16 minutes each. We advise you to bring snacks. Food and drinks are allowed in the screening room.


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