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Eye on Sound: Herr Tartüff

Herr Tartüff

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau / DEUZE, 1925 / 65 min.

A young man organises a film screening of Molière’s impostor comedy Tartuffe to warn his wealthy grandfather about the latter’s devious housekeeper. Director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau assigned the then still young art of cinema a conspicuous role in this film-in-film: it provides self-reflection for the audience. Olga Pashchenko will provide glorious piano accompaniment, just like she did last year for Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam.

Poster herr tartuff 2
The film-in-film is Molière’s famous 17th-century comedy about the unmasking of the religious impostor. Murnau filmed it in the style of that era, with ditto costumes and performances. The title role was for later Oscar winner Emil Jannings.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

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Herr Tartüff


65 min.

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Eye on Sound

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Olga Pashchenko (© Melle Meivogel)
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