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still Honour of the Knights (Albert Serra, ES 2006)

Honour of the Knights

Albert Serra / ES, 2006 / 110 min.

Albert Serra takes on the famous adventure novel about Don Quixote and strips out the action – the nobleman and his manservant are embroiled in dialogues on earthly and Higher matters, as their friendship deepens. Feature debut by the Catalan artist/filmmaker.

poster Honour of the Knights (Albert Serra, ES 2006)

Of course there is the image of the slightly confused, pompous knight on horseback, tilting at windmills and trying desperately to live up to the ideal of the hidalgo, the Spanish nobleman. This is not the story Albert Serra had in mind. He sends Don Quixote and Sancho Panza – played by amateur actors – off, and zooms in on the relationship between the two. What can they tell each other? What does being a knight mean? Love? God? Not forgetting more earthly matters, such as eating and drinking.

Serra’s painterly feature debut met with glowing reviews around the world; Honour of the Knights was even compared to the canonical works of cinema greats such as Bresson, Ozu and Pasolini. And not a windmill in sight…

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Albert Serra

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Eye Filmmuseum presents the first exhibition in the Netherlands about the work of Catalan film and theatre director Albert Serra. Transforming the entire exhibition space into an immersive stage, Serra orchestrates nocturnal and clandestine encounters where theatre, cinema, and art converge.

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still Honour of the Knights (Albert Serra, ES 2006)
still Honour of the Knights (Albert Serra, ES 2006)
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