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still from Howards End (James Ivory, GB 1991)

Howards End

James Ivory / GB, 1991 / 142 min.

Superb performances by star actors Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson and Vanessa Redgrave in this film adaptation of E. M. Forster’s titular novel about the complexities of British class society on the eve of WW I.

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Howards End receive no less than nine Oscar nominations and was awarded three including that for Best Actress. In this adaptation of E. M. Forster’s eponymous novel, Emma Thompson plays Margaret Schlegel, a middle class woman who marries an emotionally distant widower Henry (Anthony Hopkins), a wealthy businessman. Henry is terribly old fashioned, Margaret a modern woman who expresses her emotions, even if the arrangement is a somewhat bizarre marriage of convenience.

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still from Howards End (James Ivory, GB 1991)
still from Howards End (James Ivory, GB 1991)

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